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Say Goodbye to Leaky Basements

If you have ever had a leak in your home or office building, you know it’s an experience you don’t want to re-live. Waterproofing is one of the simplest ways to prevent leaks from happening.

From older homes to new builds, TNT Waterproofing will assess what needs to be done and apply the right fix.

What We Do:

Once we assess what is required, TNT Waterproofing uses an effective system that will seal cracks or any issues that could potentially lead to water leaks. We use a "spray on" Rubberized Foundation Seal that is sprayed below-grade exterior foundation walls and can be used on both old and new construction.

We Can Repair & Service:

  • Foundation Repair
  • Waterproofing for Wet Basements
  • Leaky Foundations
  • New Construction Waterproofing
  • Land Drainage Problems
  • Weeping Tiles

Contact Us

For an estimate, contact the team at TNT Waterproofing. We proudly serve the needs of commercial and residential clients throughout Niagara Region.