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TNT Waterproofing are the local experts you can trust and rely on for professional waterproofing throughout the Niagara Region. Whether you are constructing a new building and want to make sure everything is air tight, or you need to repair a leaky basement in your home, TNT Waterproofing offers effective and timely solutions to eliminate the threat of leaks.

How it Works

The team at TNT Waterproofing uses a "spray on" Rubberized Foundation Seal as seen on the television series, "Holmes on Homes".

This rubber membrane is sprayed below-grade exterior foundation walls, getting into every nook and cranny so cracks are filled and seals are tight. It is used for foundation repair and waterproofing for:
  • Wet Basements
  • Leaky Foundations
  • New Construction
  • Land Drainage Problems
  • Weeping Tiles
  • And More!
This technique can be used on both old and new construction.

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